Dock Pile Caps


Pile Caps lengthen the life of wood or concrete dock pilings.

Keep the moisture out and fend off birds

Piling or pile caps are designed to extend the life of dock and mooring piles. Cone shaped piling caps are also designed to keep birds from roosting on the pilings. For wood piles, their biggest enemy is moisture. When the tops of wood pilings remain exposed, moisture works down through the inside of the pile and rots from the inside out.

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Piling Cap Features

Weather resistant.

Made from a UV stabilized polyethylene.

Protects dock pilings from rotting from the inside out.

Available in black or white; flat or cone; square or round.

Round sizes range from 5.5” to 18” in 1/2″ increments.

Strong, attractive and durable.

Copper caps available.

7 year limited warranty on fabrication*.

DOT railings available – build to order.