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Floatstep eliminates electrolysis - read the media article

Floatstep minimizes electrolysis

Marina Dock Age magazine is dedicated to marina and boatyard management and  featured our FloatStep® dock safety ladder in April 2011. You can read the article here.

Why marinas chose Floatstep®

Before the FloatStep® Ladder, the only way to prevent marine growth was to pull the mechanical ladder up and lock it in a raised position or install a "flip-up" ladder that folded up onto the dock. Unfortunately, this causes a major safety problem. The FloatStep® Ladder automatically floats completely out of the water and is ready for service at any water level. This feature provides for a clean, safe exit out of the water.

A plastic float pushes all of the components out of the water when the ladder is not in use. Only the plastic float on the bottom step remains in the water.

The floating ladder, hence FloatStep®, can be pulled down from the water and easily accessed.

Marina Dock Age Magazine Article

Marinas use award-winning ladder to solve safety and corrosion issues – from a Marina Dock Age magazine article In some parts of the country, building code requirements mandate 24/7 access to docks from the water, meaning many marinas need ladders that are always available in case someone falls into the water. These requirements are not uniform…
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