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news for an aluminum boarding ramp for a tugboat

This section covers current and past news events about our company and our customers. This also includes our marine and dock products, installations of our products and related marina and boating news.

We have marine and dock products installed at private residences as well as marinas in Florida. Examples include City of West Palm Beach, Stock Island Marina in Key West and Palm Harbor Marina in Palm Beach County. Our FloatStep dock ladders are found worldwide from the US to Australia to the middle east.

View our marine products as they are used daily by our customers. You may also visit our AAMP Facebook page for more information.

fish cleaning table

Stock Island Marina Invests in Fish Cleaning Table and FloatStep® Ladder

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products manufactures fish cleaning tables and FloatStep® dock ladders for the newly renovated Stock Island Marina Village in the Florida Keys. Stock Island Marina Village in the Florida Keys orders fish cleaning tables and FloatStep® dock ladders from Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products for the recently renovated marine complex. When it came to dock products, Stock Island wanted…
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Aluminum Boarding Staircase for Mooring Products of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products of Lantana, Florida, fabricates a custom aluminum vessel boarding staircase and platform for Mooring Products of Pompano Beach. Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products of Lantana, Florida, fabricates a custom aluminum vessel boarding staircase and platform for Mooring Products of Pompano Beach. The custom stairs and platform feature all TIG welded construction using 6000 series aluminum. The boarding stairs will provide access from…
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Aluminum Floating Dock Frames for the Miami International Boat Show

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products builds all welded aluminum floating dock frames for Dock & Marine Construction in Miami, Florida. These will be used for floating docks at the Miami International Boat Show. Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products builds aluminum floating dock frames for Dock and Marine Construction in Miami, FL. The floating docks will be finished in their yard…
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Atlantic Aluminum and Marine Products Fabricates Custom Floating Dock and Gangway!

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products designs and builds a custom floating dock and gangway for a Palm Beach, FL resident. Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products, who fabricates a high quality line of dock products, designs and builds a custom floating dock and gangway for a Palm Beach, FL resident. The gangway features a truss frame with rope railing and…
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Atlantic Aluminum and Marine Products Expands Manufacturing Facilities!

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products has increase in product demand and expands manufacturing facilities. Due to continued increase in demand of their aluminum and marine products, Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products has again expanded their manufacturing facilities. Sales for 2012 were up more than 35% over 2011 and increases their streak to four years of continued growth. AAMP manufactures…
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Atlantic Aluminum and Marine Products Fabricates SUP Board Storage Rack

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products manufactures a 5 board SUP board storage rack for a California resident. Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products fabricates a high quality line of Stand Up Paddle-board or  SUP board storage racks. Scott, a California resident, was looking to store his newly acquired Stand Up Paddle boards in his garage while making the most of his…
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