This page shows a summary of our Marine and Dock products and our Old Saltz Products

Marine and Dock Products

FloatStep® Dock Ladder

animated FloatStep logo

The perfect dock ladder - automatically removes your ladder from the water!

Dock and Seawall Ladders

lift or retractable dock and seawall ladder

Our Dock and Seawall Ladders make it easy to access your ladder when you need it.

Fixed Dock Ladders

picture of a fixed ladder attached to a dock

Our fixed aluminum dock ladders are available in different sizes.

Custom Aluminum Ladders

picture of custom ladder with wide steps

AA&MP fabricates various types of aluminum custom dock, access, wall & boarding ladders.

Aluminum Fender Brackets

Aluminum Fender Brackets installed on both sides of an aluminum dock

A strong, long-lasting way to install your Defend-HER dock fenders or other standard bumpers.

Defend-HER Dock Fenders

picture of defend-HER dock fenders

Protect your boat with our durable, eco-friendly Dock Fenders.

Tuna Table / Fish Cleaning Table

picture of fish cleaning table with shelf

A versatile fish fillet table that easily attaches to any dock system, seawall, backyard deck or patio.

Aluminum Ramps, Gangways, Stairs

picture of aluminum gangway and aluminum platform

Custom fabricated aluminum ramps and gangways serving Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Aluminum Railings

aluminum railings at a hotel entrance

Aluminum railings for ramps, stairs, walkways, platforms, docks, decks and more.

Aluminum Frames, Decks and Docks

picture of 2 different aluminum platforms

AA&MP builds aluminum frames and decks for marine and non-marine environments.

Fiberglass Dock Boxes & Dock Steps

white fiberglass dock box

Fiberglass Dock Boxes and Dock Steps are a necessity for marinas and residential docks.

Dock Pile Caps

various sizes of white and black dock piling caps

AA∓MP offers a wide variety of dock products including piling caps.

Aluminum Alloy Dock Cleats

various sizes of aluminum and powder coated dock cleats, also known as s cleats

Our S-Cleats are made of cast aluminum and come in 10", 12", 15" and 18" standard sizes.

Kayak Shack Rack

single kayak shack rack mounted on a wall

These racks can mount on exterior walls, interior garage or basement walls, even free standing posts.

SUP Board Racks

double sup board rack mounted on a wall

High quality powder-coated, aluminum storage racks for your SUP boards.

Commercial SUP Board Racks

freestanding commercial sup rack

Custom built to handle virtually any number of Stand Up Paddleboards

Surf Shack Racks

powder coated surf shack rack mounted on a a wall

Powder-coated aluminum surfboard storage racks