Virgin Islands National Park orders more FloatStep® Dock Ladders.

St. John, Virgin Islands is home of the Virgin Islands National Park. They have recently addressed and solved their saltwater dock ladder issues with the FloatStep® dock ladder. Since all dock ladders need to be available from the water in case of emergencies, the Park was unable to use flip up or lift/retractable ladders, because in most cases these types of dock ladders are inaccessible from the water. Furthermore, if these ladders are left in a down position they will become casualty to the effects of marine growth and electrolysis.

The FloatStep® dock ladder keeps all metal parts out of the salt water but within reach of someone requiring access from the water eliminating the marine growth issues while providing constant access from the water. This is a unique and remarkable benefit – providing safe access at anytime while eliminating the damaging effects of the saltwater environment.

picture of Virgin Islands National Park