Kayak Storage Rack for the CanDock Modular Floating Docks.

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products manufactures dock products and has designed and built their kayak storage rack to adapt to the CanDock modular floating dock system.

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products, Inc. of Lantana, Florida has designed their Kayak Storage Rack for the CanDock modular floating docks. The Kayak Storage Racks were built for Innovative Dock’s customer. Innovative Docks is the Florida distributor for CanDock. The racks accommodate two kayaks and are bolted through the connecting lugs of the dock system. The biggest benefit – space, more of it. The dock owner can now have a clutter free deck to enjoy their waterfront investment. Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products is located in West Palm Beach, Florida where they manufacture all of their high quality dock products.

Innovative Docks - Kayak Storage Rack for the CanDock