Defend-HER Dock Fenders and Aluminum Fender Brackets for Ocean Reef Club!

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products manufactures dock and aluminum products for Upper Keys Marine Construction including Defend-HER dock fenders and aluminum fender brackets.

Atlantic Aluminum & Marine Products builds and delivers to Upper Keys Marine Construction Defend-HER dock fenders with the aluminum fender brackets for residents at Ocean Reef Club. Upper Keys Marine Construction has been serving waterfront residents and businesses from Ocean Reef in Key Largo to Key West since 1970 and will be installing more of these high quality dock products at Ocean Reef.

They offer the Defend-HER dock fenders to the Florida Keys to protect their boats, yachts or any vessel type from wind and wave elements. Defend-HER dock fenders along with the Aluminum Fender Brackets create a formidable defense against the elements for any boat or yacht owner. For more information visit our AA&MP website.


aluminum fender brackets in Key Largo